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Cosmetic Chemist!!! A cosmetic chemist is an individual who specializes in a Degree with majors in Cosmetic Science with subjects like Cosmetic Research, Cosmetic Technology, Cosmetic Formulation Development, Herbal Cosmetics, Skincare, Hair care, Color Cosmetics, Perfumery,  Immunology & Toxicology, Product Development, Cosmetic Engineering, Cosmetic Regulatory, Cosmetic raw materials and their processing, Cosmetic Quality Assurance Techniques and so on…

If you see all the major cosmetic producing companies in the market including P&G, L’Oreal Inc, Avon Inc, Coty Inc, Avon Inc, Johnson & Johnson group of companies and many more…the people who are working on the bench to develop cosmetics products are not Cosmetics Chemists, rather most of them are Chemical engineers, chemistry graduates or some other degree individuals. If a accounts job is given to Accounting professional only, a Finance job to finance guy only, medical job to a doctor only, then why not Cosmetics technical job to a cosmetic chemist only??

This incident happened with this guy few days back, he is Masters and Bachelors degree in Cosmetic Science with hard earned experience of few years within Cosmetic field. He has been constantly checking many jobs for his career advancement in his specialized cosmetic field in other countries. These jobs have been displayed for more than 2 months, sometimes even 3 to 4 months, this guy is absolutely suitable to the job, the recruiter between is saying that you qualify for the job, but the Immigration Visa issues and country borders are so huge that finally he is rejected on the basis that his immigration visa for work would be too complicated or maybe next to impossible to do by any employer.

If you see the general trend today on job searching and networking global websites like Careerbuilder, Simply Hired, Indeed , Monster, LinkedIn and few others too, they have plenty of jobs open for cosmetic chemists or cosmetic formulators or cosmetics new product development for couple of months already or time period even more, but they don’t have right people to fill them. Finally, the outcome is, they hire Chemical engineers, pharmaceutics guys, chemistry based or other individuals with experience within cosmetic field. These are those individuals who understand the basic of Cosmetics but they are not the individuals who have put 4-8 years of their life just studying Cosmetic Science to get one good job within cosmetic field. Most of these individuals employed today on cosmetic chemist job are individuals with related science background who could get jobs in other industrial sectors too.

The pity is that the jobs are available, there is shortage of cosmetic individuals in all the countries throughout globe, but still Cosmetic Chemists cannot get these well deserved jobs due to Immigration, Visa or documents issues while getting hired in some other country.

Today FDA, COLIPA and all other Administrative and Regulatory bodies throughout the globe are in the phase of revolution. They are putting certain restrictions on chemical ingredients like Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Parabens, Pthalic anhydride and many others, but they are not letting Companies do quick documents for Cosmetic Chemists, who , the chemists are the real people who can replace and analyse cosmetics products better.

A Cosmetic Chemist has studied only Cosmetics till the core, of course he will be a better formulator once given a chance within Cosmetics field, but if you hire individual from a related field, he will learn first and then he’ll apply. In layman’s language, for instance, there are 2 doctors, one specializes in bones and other is general physician. Now think, if this general physician is made to do all the work of the bones specialist, he may be successful, but for that he’ll have to learn, understand and then work on the success. If in case, the bone specialist would have been called, he would have fixed the issue in half the time or maybe less as he specializes only in bones.

My point above is that Cosmetics Chemists who have studied Cosmetic Science are very limited in number all over the world. They have put years of study and experience just for Cosmetic Science. Seeing this current revolutionary phase of advancement in Cosmetic Science, all the Country Administrations and Homeland Security Offices should understand the need of Cosmetic Chemists in the Cosmetics Industry and their shortage through out the world. The Visa procedures should be relaxed for the Cosmetic Chemists and it should be made easy for companies to hire them.

I guess there is a rule of the Administrative Bodies and Homeland security offices of the countries that a company can hire foreign workers only in case you show that there are no local workers available. For this, the companies have to put certain ads on recruitment websites for 20-30 days. If nobody is selected then they can hire foreign individual, but how??? Till the time the administrative bodies won’t make the procedures simple after this time period, how will a company hire somebody from outside. For this happening, important is to curb the Immigration law of the countries seeing the need of Cosmetic Chemists in Cosmetic Industries today.

If you have ever experienced this problem of visa and immigration or something similar to this, please feel free to share it here.  Please don’t hesitate to share further with the professionals who had or are still experiencing similar issues.

Image       Cover Letter for job!! Sounds like a very common word these words, especially for the people who are looking for jobs or those applying to switch roles. If you remember the first time you saw a company demanded a cover letter, the first thing we did was to search on the internet, went through several cover letter templates and examples on websites, edited them and modified. Hence, a modified new version of cover letter was ready.

The same I did few years back when I was new to the job world. I cut, edited, added my words and made a whole new looking cover letter, I was pretty satisfied with my work.  Few days back while looking for a new role, I was just going through my CV and cover letter when I read it once. Oh dear!!! I was surprised that ”was it me who wrote this cover letter”. You would not believe me, that cover letter of mine looked so materialistic and artificial, so different than I am actually.

My point above is that every individual is different, we have played different roles in our profession. Our cover letter is a summary of our resume, is an inside view of our career in few words, so it should be original. Let us go ahead and exactly know how the letter should be written, comprising simple words and absolutely authentic. I have described the whole process in steps which will help you make it perfect.

Step 1, The cover letter should look customized to the company you are applying. Hence, add a HEADER and a FOOTER. A Header should be similar to your resume, start with your Address followed by your Contact Details, followed by your Name. Small font size of around ‘8’ is perfect to fit it in 3 to 4 lines.

The footer should have the address of the company you are applying. It makes the company HR executive feel that you have customized and taken efforts to write them a cover letter.  The font should be small like 8.

Step 2, Remember, the body of the cover letter has to be very organized. Maximum 3 to 4 paragraphs of 4-5 lines each should do your job.

Paragraph 1, It should be an overall view of your education as well as experience as in whole. Start with the professional experience followed by education, for instance, Experienced chemist with an in depth study of xxx  with MBA and Bachelors in xyz field. The next should follow your experience till now which will interest your recruiter to read ahead. The interest line you write should make a bridge between your expertise and reader’s brain. For instance, My major concentration in xxx subject adds to my skills.

Paragraph 2, It should explain the exposure you had with companies and places they exist. For instance, you worked in Asia,AmericaandEurope, so explaining the companies in these regions you can write that I have better understanding as I have already worked in these locations, which give me an insider view of complications. In case, if it is states that you have worked in, you can write that I worked in a Metropolitan culture in xx state and suburban culture in xyz state, hence I have better understanding both ways.

Paragraph 3, It should explain the various brands and brands within brands you have worked with, or may say you came across the brands while working on some brand. For instance, if L’Oreal Inc. you worked with, you can write worked on Garnier, Kiehl’s and xxx dyes development, and so on. You can add what was your role was in these brands, maybe marketing, research, development or strategy or anything.

Paragraph 4, It should be the concluding paragraph. It should show how passionate you are towards your work, how good a team member and leader you are. It should convey the message that you would be worth hiring due to your fast paced learning and absorbing abilities. You can even add that how good are your communication skills. It should covey to the person reading that you’ll be worth hiring to the role they are looking for. End this paragraph with that they should place a personal interview to better understand the enthusiasm and worth you can be to their organization.

Always end your cover letter with salutation and your name at the end on the left side. Now , you have the perfect recipe and guidelines to make a simple original cover letter to highly impress your future employer. Remember again, make it interesting and try to keep sentences short.

I hope next step is either you are writing your new cover letter now or have you already started while reading the steps!!! Any problem, email me anytime, I will love to provide you with a free sample cover letter.

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